Ambition &

Do we want to be the best? You bet we do. For our clients, quality and delivery reliability are paramount. And for our employees we believe little is more important than job satisfaction.

To achieve these ambitions, we are always on the lookout for innovations that can contribute to smarter processes and better end products. In partnership with suppliers and together with our employees. Because they are the ones who really make the difference, no matter what technologies we use. 

After all, surface treatment is a craft, in which our experts always add that little extra to what a machine can do, no matter how high tech it may be. What, exactly? Attentiveness, precision and the instinctive feel.Sometimes they spray just a bit longer, use a different method or choose a different type of paint. 

This work is and always will be a human endeavour. As we have known since we began in 1934.

We have the best technology, the smartest processes and the most versatile machinery in the Netherlands.

With the right pre-treatment, the right machines, the right application by professionals and with the right products, the perfect surface treatment is created.