Chemical preparation

We started with chemical surface preparation of metals in 2012. We do this in our fully automated, PLC-controlled series of 15 baths. Depending on how the material will be used in the final application, the applied epoxy coat (KTL or E-coating) may offer sufficient protection all on its own. And it will certainly be adequate if the metal will also be powder coated or wet painted. 

In our spray tunnel

We chemically pre-treat metal that will be used in industrial applications in our spray tunnel, where we can perform pickling, passivation and spray degreasing. Passivation is a chrome-free method for protecting metal from corrosion. We use it for pre-treating steel and aluminium surfaces and hot-dip galvanised substrates. 

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In our bath series

We have a bath series with eight rinsing baths and seven process baths. Here the metal can be pre-treated in various ways. Treatment options include a pickling bath, a zinc phosphate bath and a KTL / E-coating bath. With the KTL treatment (cataphoresis plating) we can provide ‘automotive quality’ for the industry. Within the bath series, various programs are available. Then, after a single pass, the metal can proceed directly to the wet painting line or powder coating line.  

Quality and innovation at the forefront

We have all the necessary measuring equipment to guarantee quality during chemical surface preparation. We also keep close tabs on the latest developments in chemical pre-treatment, in close cooperation with the best suppliers, such as PPG Industries.