Mechanical preparation (blasting)

Blasting is a tried and tested technique for surface preparation of metal. And thanks to our specialists, the extensive array of machinery with blasting booths and state-of-the-art measuring and monitoring equipment, we do this at the very highest level. And last but not least: we have been blasting since 1934. 

Manually and automated in various ways

To always ensure optimal bonding, we blast in various ways. Both manually and with automated solutions. Inert blasting, coarse blasting media or perhaps even a special blasting media: we adapt our working methods to your product. And if necessary, we test the result in our laboratory.

Metallising (metal spraying)

After mechanical preparation, we can metallise the metal, a process that goes by many other names, such as metal spraying, zinc spraying and thermal spraying. This method involves the manual, sprayed application of thermal zinc. And it results in a durable coating that protects the material from external influences for a long time. 

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We do it all for long life

We want metal to have a long life so the finished product does too. This makes quality essential in every respect. Which is why our specialists work in accordance with various quality standards and consider only the best products to be good enough. Accordingly, we count on trusted solutions from industry leaders, like Wheelabrator.