Mechanical preparation:
(manual blasting)

Manual blasting is a tried and tested technique for surface preparation of metal. Our experienced craftsmen have unrivalled expertise in this technique and manually blast both steel and stainless steel.

Blasting in
two booths

To always ensure optimal bonding, we blast in two booths and two different ways. In one cabin, we apply a sharp-edged steel-blasting agent, and in the other a sharp-edged stainless steel (inert) blasting agent. If necessary, we test the result in our laboratory.

Automated blasting

At NTZ Coating, we have the necessary knowledge and skill to perform manual blasting. But if automated blasting is more cost-effective – due to the large volume, for example – we can have that done at our partner company Maas Coating. This way, you always get the best value for money.

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Control and
measuring equipment

We have all the necessary control and calibrated measuring equipment in-house, which enables us to demonstrate that we work in accordance with the agreed quality standards. We also ensure the metal is properly prepared for the next treatment: metallisation, powder coating or wet painting.