Powder coating

After manual blasting, and possibly metallisation, we can protect your products from external influences with powder coating. We do this with various single and multi-coat powder coating systems.

Super durable
and more

As the demand for durable solutions grows, we are increasingly applying ‘super durable’ coatings. This system retains its shine longer and has a more impervious structure. This not only provides a longer lifespan but is also easier to clean.

For particular conditions we have special solutions, such as heatproof, antislip and metallic coatings. For customers in the offshore industry, we often employ a multicoat system, which is resistant even in the most extreme conditions. We usually recommend structure coatings, for aesthetic reasons.  

Masking and packing

Does your material have to remain partially bare, to the nearest thousandth of a millimetre, for fitting holes, threads, bearing housings or shafts, for example? Then we provide customised masking with our cutting plotter. All we need from you is a digital file.

Packing and assembling

When the powder coating process is finished, we package the product for you – and we are happy to help you consider your options here. Want to transport them in special crates or racks? No problem at all. Seal them in plastic? We can do that too. We even carry out basic assembly work.

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Top quality
powder coating system

Perfectly protected metal begins with proper preparation, which we provide through manual blasting and optionally also metallisation. This is followed by a high-quality powder coating system. We primarily use powders from Akzo Nobel, IGP and Axalta, which make the best, most durable powder coatings.