Wet painting

The paint system is applied to your metal in our exceptionally advanced spray booths. Our experience with wet painting stretches all the way back to the earliest days of our company. And we do this hanging. We also use a broad range of spray techniques, including the very latest, we have a pump room that perfectly meters the paint and our line includes forced drying to speed up the process.

Also in-house:  profile painting line

We have a special profile painting line where we can paint profiles up to seven metres long. Made of various materials: from steel and MDF to composites. 


We have many different painting systems available. So, we can always provide the best solution. For example, we can paint with two, three or four coat systems, as well as water-based methods. Other options include spattercoat painting and coatings especially for offshore applications. Also good to know: we have a wide variety of techniques for masking. 

Measurement leads
to improvement

Our professionals only use wet painting products from leading suppliers. To continuously maintain quality that is just that little bit better, we use measuring equipment. Because we believe measurement leads to improvement.