Wet painting

The new spray booth has optimal LED lighting. This enables us to apply a paint system to your metal with extreme precision. For each constructed part, we also apply the ideal method: from top cup to airless and airmix. 

Various systems

We employ a wide range of paint systems, so we can always provide the best solution for you. This includes the application of systems in multiple coats, and we also apply spatter paint. The three and four-coat system is suitable for extreme conditions, such as those encountered in the offshore industry. Our NACE Inspector (Level II) establishes the service life in a report. 

Masking and packing

Does your material have to remain partially bare, to the nearest thousandth of a millimetre, for fitting holes, threads, bearing housings or shafts, for example? Then we provide customised masking with our cutting plotter. All we need from you is a digital file.

Packing and assembling

When the wet painting process is finished, we package the product for you – and we are happy to help you consider your options here. Want to transport them in special crates or racks? No problem at all. Seal them in plastic? We can do that too. We even carry out basic assembly work.

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Measurement leads
to improvement

Our professionals only use wet painting products from leading suppliers. In order to consistently maintain a quality standard that is just that little bit better, we use measuring equipment. Because we believe measurement leads to improvement.