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We never stop improving. Continuously seeking better, smarter or faster methods. And where possible, we choose to innovate and automate. Things are changing, but surface treatment still requires the human touch. Careful attention and precision are essential. No matter whether one of our specialists does the job or a robot does most of the work.

We are specialised in mechanical and chemical surface preparation, powder coating, wet painting & painting PVC profiles. Plus we do much more. We can also handle other aspects for you, such as the purchasing process, preassembly and packaging. Together, we can agree smart solutions that allow you to focus on your core business and make the process more efficient.

Dedicated & communicative

Our ambitions are sky high, but we have both feet on the ground. Please feel free to ask us anything. If we are unable to provide a solution for your technical challenge straight away, we will consult our specialists and suppliers and get back to you quickly. 

Danny Minten

Jan Maas

Planning & Quality NACE Coating Inspector Level l, Cert No. (0)6 20 25 10 95

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Jan Maas

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